Climbing and Riding in New England and Beyond

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A tag of nasty means this hill will make you hurt trying to get up it. To receive this tag, the hill has to be off-the-charts difficult. Many people would call any one of these hills "the hardest they've ever done."

Hill NameLocationDist.Avg.MaxGainBRENTACOL
AscutneyVermont5.6 KM12.4%18%691.61830
BowenRhode Island0.2 KM15%21.1%26.787
Bowen (Full)Rhode Island0.4 KM13.9%30.5%51.1176
Calle MonroyTenerife0.7 KM25.8%35.5%1931091
Deer Run RidgeGeorgia1.3 KM21.5%42.8%271.81424
Falcon HeightsGeorgia1.1 KM17.6%37.6%194.8844
Fargo StreetCalifornia0.2 KM29.7%36.6%49.5261
Hurricane Mountain EastNew Hampshire3.6 KM10.1%21.3%366.3909
Kingsley Hill RoadMassachusetts2 KM12.8%21.7%254.7670
Marin AveCalifornia1.2 KM16.7%24%197.6598
Monte Zoncolan from OvaroItaly9.7 KM12.4%17.6%1204.13253
Mount TomMassachusetts1.5 KM14.2%23.6%222.3622
Mount WashingtonNew Hampshire12.1 KM11.8%16.9%1432.63400
Mowry Fire TowerRhode Island0.6 KM9.1%19.8%50.6144