Climbing and Riding in New England and Beyond

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The check tag is applied to any hill that I have personally climbed. You can pretty much assume that any hill in this database that is not checked is on my "hit list."

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Hill NameLocationDist.Avg.MaxGainBRENTACOL
101 EastboundRhode Island1.7 KM4.5%8.7%77.792
101 Westbound 1Rhode Island0.9 KM6.1%7.8%55.573
101 Westbound 3Rhode Island1 KM3.6%7%3836
128 CornwallConnecticut1.3 KM6.1%10.3%81.9120
641Michigan3.3 KM4%15.9%131.2230
Abbott St.Rhode Island0.6 KM7.7%16.9%4589
AchterbergBelgium1.5 KM4.3%13.7%64.987
Acorn Hill Rd.Maine0.2 KM12.3%17.7%26.287
Airport Dr.Massachusetts1.3 KM8.1%17.5%107.8200
Appalachian Gap (West)Vermont15.6 KM3.4%11%529.3881
AscutneyVermont5.6 KM12.4%18%691.61830
Ash Swamp/Diamond LakeConnecticut2.9 KM3.8%11.2%108.9214
Austin RoadRhode Island2.1 KM3%5.5%63.746
Bailou RoadNew York0.3 KM11.7%22.8%3085
Bald Hill RoadConnecticut1.2 KM7.3%12%86.3153
Bald Mountain RoadConnecticut1.1 KM12.5%25.2%134.3340
Bancroft Tower (South)Massachusetts0.3 KM13.1%16.4%44.8117
Barney RdMichigan1.2 KM6.2%12.2%72.7116
Basin Rd.Maine1.4 KM3.4%13.6%48.169
Bear HillConnecticut0.8 KM5.9%13.7%44.878