Climbing and Riding in New England and Beyond

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The bomb (aka tough) designates a very difficult hill. Read in tandem with the BRENTACOL ranking, this label will tell you something about the intensity of a climb. For example, Mount Greylock (South) scores 908, while Mount Tom scores 749 (of course, Mount Tom gets the more severe "skull and crossbones" tag, but the same principle applies). However, Greylock should be possible for any fit cyclist without special gearing and without stopping. Mount Tom, because it is so steep, will be a tough climb for just about anyone.

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Hill NameLocationDist.Avg.MaxGainBRENTACOL
Acorn Hill Rd.Maine0.2 KM12.3%17.7%26.287
Bald Mountain RoadConnecticut1.1 KM12.5%25.2%134.3340
Bolton NotchVermont2.2 KM11.2%28.7%244.4852
Brasstown BaldGeorgia4.8 KM11.3%17.7%539.51398
BurlingameRhode Island1.2 KM7.1%15.4%83.8157
Canton AvePennsylvania0.1 KM11.1%26.1%15.760
Cathedral LedgeNew Hampshire1.5 KM11.6%24.1%175.6472
ChickataubutMassachusetts1 KM8.6%17.3%86.3164
Cullen Hill RoadRhode Island0.6 KM9.3%14.2%56.988
Dark Entry RoadConnecticut1.3 KM9.6%22.9%122.2405
Dibble Hill RoadConnecticut1.5 KM10.1%19.9%151.8380
Dudleytown RoadConnecticut1.3 KM8.6%25.6%111.7292
EquinoxVermont8.4 KM11.6%18.9%976.72328
Greylock (Reservoir to Notch)Massachusetts3.8 KM4.7%15.3%178.4369
Greylock Road (Dirt)Massachusetts5.9 KM6.4%18.1%378731
Greylock South (via Greylock Road)Massachusetts11 KM6.5%14.5%708.91117
Hurricane Mountain EastNew Hampshire3.6 KM10.1%21.3%366.3909
Hurricane Mountain WestNew Hampshire5.9 KM6.1%18.4%359.4817
Jenckes (Shorter)Rhode Island0.3 KM13%19.3%35.489
Jenckes StreetRhode Island0.4 KM12.1%23.4%53.6149