Mowry Fire Tower check nasty

Mowry Fire Tower is one of 4 approaches to the summit Woonsocket Hill. Other approaches: Brentwood, Woonsocket Hill East, Woonsocket Hill South

You'll need a cross bike with low gears, at the very least, to make it up this. Here's my report from my first successful attempt after getting my new cross bike: "The dirt road is very, very messy the whole way up, with a nasty combination of large gravel and soft dirt. Conditions today were just about ideal, since it rained the last couple days but was pretty cold last night. As a result, the track wasn’t super squishy. The gradient for the first section is upwards of 20%, and definitely the hardest section of the whole hill. First two attempts ended in failure. Then I got the brilliant idea of climbing seated and in the drops. That kept the front wheel mostly on the ground and the back wheel from skidding out. The third time I just cleared the steep section when I lost my balance and had to put a foot down. Rather than try again, got myself going and made it through a section where the grade eases (to around 10% probably) and then it kicks up again. I would have made it through the next section, but I hit a rut and lost my balance again. After that section, it flattens out for about 100 meters, before kicking up very steeply one last time to the Tower. I made it though that without incident, though it was tough."

Hardest climb in Rhode Island? Very possibly.

Mowry Fire Tower is located in Rhode Island. It is 556.2 meters long with an average gradient of 9.1% and a maximum gradient of 19.8%. Find similar hills.