Mark Nicholson Smack Down

Mark Nicholson created the Rhode Island Smack Down ride in February of 2008. In the summer of 2009, Mark died after a long battle with brain cancer. Since then, his teammates have kept up the tradition of his Tuesday night rides, though not at the blistering pace Mark set when he led them. The ride leaves from F De Pasquale Square on Federal Hill at 5:30 and loops out of Providence to the northwest. The terrain is hilly, but not too hilly. The pace is competitive and there are four sprint points, including one at the top of Tourtellot Hill Road. Riders who show up should be familiar enough with the route and area to find their way home, since even competitive racers have been known to get dropped during the sprints.

Hill NameLocationDistanceAvg. GradientMax GradientGainBRENTACOLCompare
Austin RoadRhode Island2.1 KM35.563.746
Douglas Hook EastRhode Island1 KM3.68.937.835
Greenville AveRhode Island0.2 KM510.69.515
Nicholson HillRhode Island0.3 KM6.414.717.637
Tourtellot Hill RoadRhode Island1.8 KM3.66.864.862