Climbing and Riding in New England and Beyond

Dupont/Arenberg Ride

Ride leaves from: Parking Rijselsepoort

There are no hills to speak of on this route, but the two most compelling features are: 1. it takes you over the most-feared pavé sector from Paris-Roubaix, the Arenberg Forest, and 2. it starts and ends at the Brasserie Dupont in Tourpes, Belgium. Their beers, including the famous Saison Dupont and Moinette, are among the best in the world. Timing your ride to coincide with their limited opening times is a bit of a trick, but worth the effort. The route is a bit tricky for a road bike in a few spots. Near the beginning, it takes you over what starts out as a farm path, but quickly turns into a mud-cluster-F. Some of the other unpaved roads in norther France also feature sharp rocky gravel. I made it through without flatting with 28s, but feel rather lucky.