Three State Loop

About the time you turn onto Stone Barn Road, you'll start wondering not if you've left Rhode Island yet, but if you've found some secret entrence to El Dorado. You'll doubt yourself, thinking there can't actually be a real "stone barn" on Stone Barn Road. And then you pass the stone barn, and you spend the rest of the ride fantasizing about quitting your day job (if you have one), buying the stone barn and starting a micro-brewery out in the middle of nowhere. Once you finally cross Rt. 44, you're back to the normal grind, but the roads are still nice.

Hill NameLocationDistanceAvg. GradientMax GradientGainBRENTACOLCompare
Buck Hill West 1Rhode Island1 KM4.39.246.160
Buck Hill West 2Rhode Island0.9 KM6.412.860.799
Capron RoadRhode Island1 KM6.413.366.7112
Log RoadRhode Island1 KM3.511.738.465
Pound Road (RI)Rhode Island1.2 KM5.313.26196
Smithfield/RidgeRhode Island1.2 KM3.79.744.549