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Suggest A Hill

Do you have a favorite hill you'd like to see pictured? Drop me a line, with the following information:
- Detailed information on how to find the hill (Ideally, send me a Veloroutes Map. I'll still probably need to re-create it just to get the data right, but that will at least show me exactly where you mean.

- Mostly, just tell me the intersection (cross streets) of the bottom and the top.

- Tell me a bit about the hill...why do you want me to do it? Particularly long? Steep? (The more you make it seem interesting, the more likely I will be to take the time to do it. )

Send the above information, with "BRENTACOL REQUEST" in the subject line to

Or...Phone it in to our Voice Mail Box (or Text): 724-ANGLIRU (Then you can do it while you're still out on your ride!)

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