The original BRENTACOL climbing circuit. The bridge at Wilbur Road was out for a while, which is why I made the second version, which is probably a little harder. One hour solid effort. 50 minutes if you're faster than I am.

Hill NameLocationDistanceAvg. GradientMax GradientGainBRENTACOLCompare
Cullen Hill RoadRhode Island0.6 KM9.314.256.988
Dexter Rock WestRhode Island0.5 KM5.29.626.932
LimerockRhode Island0.6 KM4.47.828.530
Whipple StreetRhode Island0.8 KM7.413.859.485
Wilbur RoadRhode Island0.5 KM9.113.750.2103