Climbing and Riding in New England and Beyond

Bowen (Full) is located in Rhode Island. It is 368 meters long with an average gradient of 13.9% and a maximum gradient of 30.5%. Find similar hills.

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The following are detailed sections of Bowen (Full): Bowen (15%).

To do the full version, cross Pratt, and take the very steep dead end continuation. At the end of this paved section, take the small path and continue to Congdon. then cross Congdon on the continuation of Bowen and finish the hill at Prospect. The section on the path is suitable for a cross bike, but there are some low hanging branches that may prove difficult. It is steep enough (and has a small technical s-curve at its steepest point) that I've not been able to clear it on either my cross or mountain bike. I'm convinced it is possible.