Climbing and Riding in New England and Beyond

Hill NameLoc.Dist.Avg.MaxGainBRENTACOL 
Bishop RoadCT0.9 KM10.1%18.5%89.8204
Calhoun Hill RoadCT1.1 KM10.4%16.5%114.9267
Dennis RoadNJ1 KM11.1%20.6%107.9272
Essex Hill RoadCT0.9 KM7.7%28.4%69196
Kickapoo RoadCT1 KM10.9%14.7%113.2247
Lodi Hill RoadPA1 KM10.9%21.1%107.8254
Martin HillME1.1 KM8.8%21.2%96.9204
Mount AgamenticusME1 KM10.2%19.9%101247
Mount Archer WestCT1.1 KM8%15.5%90.7194
Mount Tom Reservation Road (West)MA1.1 KM9.7%19.2%111.4268
Oxford StreetBC1 KM9.5%22%92.8239
Popple Swamp RoadCT0.9 KM11.6%16.1%106.8211
Provin Mountain EastMA1.1 KM9.1%20.6%96198
Still Hill Road (Westbound)CT1 KM10.9%16.7%105.9240