Climbing and Riding in New England and Beyond

Hill NameLoc.Dist.Avg.MaxGainBRENTACOL 
Angevine RoadCT1.6 KM7%20.2%112.3243
Arch Bridge RoadCT1.4 KM9.3%15.2%133.5280
Blue Hill Access RoadMA1.4 KM9.1%16.1%125.2259
Buckberg Mountain RoadNY1.6 KM7%16%114.5212
Center Ave/Gayasuta RoadPA1.3 KM9.4%18.6%119.1299
CO 33 New YorkNY1.3 KM9.6%18.7%128.8270
Constitution HillCT1.4 KM9.2%13%130.8254
Dudleytown RoadCT1.3 KM8.6%25.6%111.7292
Eichele RoadPA1.3 KM7.9%27%101.6295
Findley RoadCT1.6 KM9.1%12.5%145.4247
Great Hill RoadCT1.6 KM9.1%14.3%149.2304
Hovey Road (North)MA1.6 KM8.5%16.8%132.3265
Mount Archer EastCT1.5 KM7.1%16.9%107.5241
Mount Tom Reservation Road (West)MA1.1 KM9.7%19.2%111.4268
Old North RoadCT1.3 KM10.2%17.4%128.1268
Plains Road (CT)CT1.6 KM6.9%20.9%110.9211
Rabbit HIll RoadCT1.6 KM9.2%17.4%144251
Shauger Hill RoadMI1.4 KM8.4%20.7%117.6297
Slaughterhouse Hill RoadCT1.4 KM7.8%14.2%113.1220