Like the Providence Hills Page this page will be a collection of my favorite rides in the providence area. For now, these will mostly be on the west-side of Providence, since I get lost any time I go east by myself. (And since I live on the west side, its generally easier for me.) The rides mostly start from my house, but you can probably figure out how to adapt them to your own needs.

  • Tower Hill/Woonsocket Hill – 11 nasty climbs, but those two are the biggest.
  • Thee State Loop – This may well be my favorite ride in the area. It isn’t short, and it isn’t easy. But it is beautiful, and the roads are mostly quiet. 64.2 miles. Post
  • The Mother of all Providence Rides – 80 miles, starting and finishing on Federal Hill. Hills, in order of occurance are: Limerock, Cullen Hill Road, Wilbur, Capron, Burlingame, Farnum, Snake Hill, 101 to the RI high point, Bear Hill Rd (CT), Central Pike, 102, Walter Carey, and Pine Hill.
  • Blue Hill Out and Back – about 40 miles each way. Once you get to Blue Hills, climb up the access road to the top. (It’s not on Google Maps. To find it, veer right onto Canton Ave, while headed north on 138, and then take an immediate right onto the service road.)
  • Douglas Hook/Burlingame – I haven’t actually done this ride, but it looks like a beast. Close to 5000 feet of climbing in only about 40 miles. (Well, that may be an over-estimate. Or all my other routes may underestimate the total climbing. I originally made the loop trying out veloroutes’ new “auto-routing” feature, but that made the route load way too slowly and kept causing the script to hang up on my browser. So I made it again by the old method and that only gives me 3200 feet or so.) Includes the following hills: Burlingame, Douglas Hook, Capron, and Pine Hill. 40.7 miles.
  • Euro Loop – The hill climbing circuit for Euro Tuesdays. Post (note, this post uses a different mapping program and a slightly different loop than the one the main link links to.) 17.1 miles. The original euro-tuesday-route in Ann Arbor, had a very similar amount of climbing.
  • 102 and the RI High Point – quite a bit of climbing. 45.6 miles. Post
  • Scituate Reservoir – similar to last one. Starts on Broadway and ends at the capitol. 41.7 miles.
  • Another High Point Loop – This one includes Bear Hill Rd (CT) and Central Pike. 47.9 miles.
  • Tourtellot/Burlingame Loop – I never posted about this route, but it is nice and includes Burlingame Hill, which is a pretty difficult hill. 35.4 miles
  • Providence – Manchester – This one is a beast, and probably requires getting a ride home unless you really want to ride 130 miles over some very hilly terrain. 65.8 miles (one-way). Post

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