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Lincoln Gap (East) is located in Vermont. It is 6491.5 meters long with an average gradient of 6.9% and a maximum gradient of 18.5%. Find similar hills.

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The following are detailed sections of Lincoln Gap (East): Lincoln Gap (Last 1.5 Miles) (13.9%).

Lincoln Gap (East) is one of 3 approaches to the summit Lincoln Gap. Other approaches: , Lincoln Gap (Last 1.5 Miles), Lincoln Gap (West)

Not many people will disagree with you if you call this the hardest hill or steepest hill in America. It\'s definitely up there. I don\'t quite agree with the common wisdom that the last mile is the steepest in the country, but it might be. The gap starts with a long paved section, followed by a bit of smooth dirt. When the pavement starts again, that is also where the real climbing action begins.