Climbing and Riding in New England and Beyond

Worcester Death March

Ride leaves from: De Pasquale Square

Cramming as many hills as possible into a (relatively) short route through Worcester, MA.

Hill NameLoc.DistanceAvg.MaxGainBRENTACOLCompare
Airport Dr.MA1.3 KM8.117.5107.8200
Bancroft Tower (South)MA0.3 KM13.116.444.8117
Elmwood St.MA1 KM5.29.950.367
Forbes St.MA0.2 KM14.920.734.7109
Gage St.MA0.2 KM19.527.236156
George St.MA0.2 KM14.519.224.986
Green Hill Pkwy.MA0.5 KM10.116.345.693
Greenwood St.MA0.7 KM6.916.145.877
Heard St.MA0.5 KM7.216.738.966
Jerome Ave.MA0.7 KM8.413.256.2105
Laurel/Elliot/MerrifieldMA0.7 KM8.121.460.8125
Moreland St.MA0.6 KM7.416.447.1108
Nelson Pl.MA0.9 KM3.58.431.926
Park HillMA0.9 KM6.113.955.884
Pattison St.MA0.3 KM10.114.72756
Sophia Dr.MA0.6 KM7.820.749.4107
Vernon St.MA0.9 KM5.212.647.471
Whipple St.MA0.8 KM814.366.9117
Wrenthem Rd.MA0.4 KM1219.650.4110