Dudleytown Loop

The Dudleytown loop is the perfect Halloween ride. The route takes you up three climbs that each get you as close as you are legally permitted to go to the abandoned (and according to some, haunted) ghost town of Dudleytown. In addition to those three climbs (Dark Entry Road, Dudleytown Road, and Bald Mountain), which are each beasts, the ride includes the formidable Dibble Hill Road and Great Hill Road, as well as a few other tough climbs. To make it even more difficult, take a left off of Rt. 7 onto Swaller Hill Road, a 1-mile dead-end 12% climb.

Hill NameLocationDistanceAvg. GradientMax GradientGainBRENTACOLCompare
Bald Mountain RoadConnecticut1.1 KM12.525.2134.3340
Dark Entry RoadConnecticut1.3 KM9.622.9122.2405
Dibble Hill RoadConnecticut1.5 KM10.119.9151.8380
Dudleytown RoadConnecticut1.3 KM8.625.6111.7292
Everest Hill RoadConnecticut0.8 KM8.418.573.1156
Flat Rocks RoadConnecticut1.8 KM6.711.6119.1158
Great Hill RoadConnecticut1.6 KM9.114.3149.2304
Music Mountain/Cream HillConnecticut4.2 KM5.912.4246.2399
Seeley RoadConnecticut0.9 KM5.28.645.449